Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today was a long day of nothing. In the morning the surgeon came in and decided that his feeding tube was in fact too big, it needed to be smaller. She ordered the smaller tube, it was going to take a few hours to get it from the warehouse. We waited. Then the regular doctor came in and decided that Nathan must have C. Diff - I decided she must be stupid. She realized her error and left. We waited. Matt came so I could finally take a shower. We waited for rounds. Rounds happened, nothing new was added, they decided Nathan could eat through his feeding tube even though it was still leaking. We waited some more. Geege visited and read books and watched movies with Nathan. We got a new room. Nathan had been in his own room because of the C. Diff but wonder of wonders there is another baby with C. Diff so now they have us in the same room, didn't want to waste precious room real estate to two kids with C. Diff. The surgeon came back and took out his old feeding tube and put in the smaller one, Nathan didn't even flinch. The leaking seems to be much better. Hopefully this will allow his belly to heal from all the leaking.

We saw the GI doctor finally. She didn't impress me much. She wants to get some bloodwork to check for celiac disease. She is going to send some stool samples to check for all sorts of things. We just need him to poop. Then on Friday they are going to scope him to look at his bowel to see if there are other things going on in there. Won't know much until then. Now we have to sit here and wait.

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