Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The jury's still out

Yesterday was a day of nothing. The doctors came around for rounds and really have no idea what might be wrong with Nathan. They had me sign consent forms so that they can get his records from Albany Med, including the biopsy slides that were done during his colonoscopy. The doctor said he wanted his own pathologist to look at them for a second opinion, I completley agreed with him. So now we are just waiting for all his records to get here and hope the doctors here find something that Albany missed.

Nathan is doing OK. He got a bath yesterday in the bathtub in our room, he wasn't thrilled but he needed it. He also got cute new trach ties that are blue and have little white stars on them. He is still staying in bed all day and watching movies or reading books. A couple coloring books and some crayons magically appeared yesterday (I'm assuming the child life specialist brought them in) so he is also coloring now. He had one normal poop and then it was right back to diarrhea. We were very sad because it leaked through his diaper and got on blankee. The nurses were so nice though, there is a washer on the first floor (we are on the 9th floor) and they took his blankee down and washed it for us.

Yesterday was a little difficult because he was still pretty dehydrated and they had a lot of trouble getting an IV into him to give him more fluids. They ended up using his g-tube to give him pedialite. Right when I got him all snuggled in for bed they came back to try to at least get the blood they needed to run some labs. After only 1 try this time the nurse was able to get it and the trauma didn't last long and he fell right to sleep.

Today we are hoping the doctors will have more answers for us about what this might be, yesterday they just had no idea at all. I'm also hoping to see Nathan's ORL doctor (his trach doctor) at some point so we can talk about scheduling surgery to remove it.

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