Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Test Results

Yesterday was a long day for us. It started very early, Nathan got a colonoscopy and an endoscopy so the GI doctor could look at his insides. She said they looked mostly fine, he has an ulcer in his esophagus which came as no suprise to us. She put him on carafate for his ulcer and that's about it.

The GI doctor seems to think Nathan has an intolerance to milk protein and that is the cause for all the diarrhea. So the only thing Nathan eats that has any milk protein in it is the Boost so she took him off Boost and put him on a different formula for nighttime. That happened at about 9am. At 9pm the nurses realized they hadn't ordered his new formula yet, so they tried to do it. Turns out they don't have the formula she had wanted Nathan on, it's nowhere in the whole hospital. So they are going to talk to nurtrition today to find a comprable one. Hopefully it actually gets done today.

Also, Nathan's DVD player had bene broken. For most people it might not be a big deal but when Nathan is sick all he wants to do it watch DVD's of Thomas and Cars. So yesterday Rob (he now work's with Vicki) came over and got it fixed for us! It took a few people looking at it, but it is fixed now. Rob also brought over a bag that had new toys in it for Nathan, the only time in the last few days I've been able to get him to smile was when I was going through the bag of new toys. He loved all his new things, he's such a spoiled boy.

Trevor came down to visit again. When Trevor got there Matt and I took him to the cafeteria for dinner while Grame stayed with Nathan. Nathan enjoys having all of Grame's attention and we liked spending time with just Trevor. Trevor was thrilled to pieces when Matt and I gave him real people food for dinner, he loves real food. I think he's ready to be done with baby food - he's getting so big.

One of these days I'm going to figure out how to add pictures to the blog so I can start doing that.

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