Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wagon Ride

Today was a pretty good day for us. Nathan was acting pretty good all day, he is still getting his strength back though. He was in a good mood all morning and then he decided at 11am that he was ready to go take a nap, so he did. Then Trevor didn't want to be left out and decided he was also ready for a nap.

Once the boys got up we went grocery shopping and Nathan walked the whole time in the grocery store. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal but it is for us. This is the most Nathan has walked in a long, long time. He's just been so sick lately he hasn't wanted to do anything but today he seemed like he's close to being back to his old self.

Nathan decided today that he wants to go to the circus with Grame and Geege so they are happily taking him on the 6th, it's already all he can talk about. He keeps talking about what animals he's going to see, he loves animals. Trevor pulled himself up today, it was only for a second and then he sat back down but he did it! He is so determined to get the cats sometimes, they are good motivation for doing new things.

We took the boys outside to play, it's the first time this year they have been outside to play. Trevor didn't know what to do and just sat there watching Nathan play. Nathan had a great time playing on his slide and with all his outside toys. Trevor needs to learn what to do outside. He just pulled his socks off and played with them. Then we went for a wagon ride, they both had a good time. At one point I looked at them both in the wagon and Nathan was rubbing Trevor's head, it was so cute. He loves his little brother.


  1. Laura and Matt,

    It's SO good to hear things are getting better. Thanks for posting. I look forward to checking up on them every day.