Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today's news

Well, not much happened today. Last night we attempted to feed Nathan. His doctors said he could eat earlier in the day but as soon as that happened he fell asleep and we didn't want to wake him up to feed him, so we waited. Then it was bedtime so we just skipped his blended diet feeds and went right to Boost. It didn't go great. He had diarrhea after he ate and feeds were stopped as quickly as they began.

He is going in tomorrow for a colonoscopy and biopsy, and an endoscopy. We won't know much until the results come back from them. Hopefully everything looks good and this is just a viral bug that he has and it just needs to work its way out on its own. He finally gave the doctors a stool sample and the results are still pending. The only results that are back is that he has some fat in his stool which means he isn't absorbing his food. That can be from a zillion different things so there is really no use speculating what might be wrong.

As frustrating as it is we won't know anything until the results from tomorrows tests are in. We still have at least a few more days in the hospital. They obviously won't release him until he can eat and not have diarrhea, that won't happen until we know what's wrong. The biopsy results will take almost a week to come back.

In other news his feeding tube is still leaking. We have a prescription for a new one, it will take the hospital at least a week to order and get one and we are hoping that if we fax it to apria then we will get it sooner. His belly is looking better, the wound care guy is happy with how much better his belly looks. Nathan didn't complain about his belly hurting as much today which was good.

Trevor is doing great with Grame and Geege, and Aunt Lisa. He loves having grandparents and his Aunt around to take care of him. He knows that at any sound he gets picked up so he's also getting spoiled. Today he came to visit us in the hospital, Nathan didn't like sharing the attention.

I just asked Nathan is he wanted me to cuddle in bed with him, he said no. Then he told me that I need to sit in the chair. I asked him if I could sleep, he said no. I asked him what I should do, he signed awake. I guess I'm supposed to stay awake all night and just look at him. He's pretty demanding for a 3 year old.

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