Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GI Floor

Yesterday turned out to be a very long day for both Matt and Nathan. They spent a long time in the ER waiting for a bed to become available before they were finally admitted and put into a room. About midnight they were given a room, so it was a long day of sitting and waiting.

Today not much has happened. I came out this morning so that Matt could go to work this week. We are waiting to be moved to the GI floor, right now he is on a general in-patient floor. The GI team wants him on the GI floor, it's more appropriate to his needs. Right now they are waiting for a stool sample so they can run a bunch of tests, they are hoping if they feed him he will poop so they are also getting ready to feed him.

Nathan is in pretty good spirits. When I got here I had his big stuffed Mickey and he was so excited to see Mickey, I think he was more excited about that than about seeing me! He has just been laying in bed relaxing and watching movies all day. He still doesn't have a ton of energy but he's feeling better since he hasn't eaten in so long.

The doctor's have no idea what could be wrong with him. The only thing they are saying is they don't think this is a milk protein intolerance. The doctors here have no idea why that would even be suggested given his age and symptoms. They don't think this illness is food related at all, but they aren't sure what it could be. We don't have a great plan as of right now but hopefully that will all change once he gets onto the GI floor later today.

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