Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The Monday before Thanksgiving we had a follow-up at the pediatrician for Nathan, he had Bronchitis and she wanted to see him again to make sure it was all cleared up. A couple days before the appt. Nathan had started to cough again so I thought he was getting a cold, no big deal, because he didn't have a fever and was acting normal. We got to the office and the nurse asked me how he was doing, I told her about the cough and that I didn't think it was anything serious and he was much better than he was when he had Bronchitis - she agreed that his breathing sounded pretty good and sent the Dr in. The Dr talked to both boys for a while and then listened to Nathan's lungs.

I knew it wasn't good when she listened to his left side a lot. She finally told me he had no breath sounds on that side at all and the right lung sounded bad but was at least moving air. She wanted us to go to the ER but we played lets make a deal. We agreed that first we would try to give him a nebulizer treatment and if it helped then he "just" had pneumonia but if it didn't help we would go to the ER. Thankfully the neb treatment helped and we left about an hour later with a prescription for two antibiotics and steroids, and a follow-up on Wednesday. Off to CVS we went to get his meds filled, I had a prescription for Trevor so I got that filled while I was there. Poor Trevor was starving by now since we were at the Dr for over an hour. I told him I would get him lunch after CVS, I never imagined it would take  a long time.

At CVS they attempted to fill our prescriptions. This was after the tech argued with me about him being on two different antibiotics. Finally the pharmacist intervened and explained to her that it was OK for him to be on both at the same time. Unfortunately that took a long time, and the meds weren't even filled yet. Then she informed me that one of his antibiotics was hard to get (I knew this going in) and they didn't have it, no one did. We were in latham and the closest CVS that had it was in Delmar, we had no choice we had to go but first we had to wait for the other prescriptions to be ready.  About an hour and a half after we got to CVS we left with our meds and an address for the CVS in Delmar, but first Trevor needed food.

After a quick stop for lunch we went to the second CVS of the day and got the last prescription filled. I finally got both boys home and got Nathan tucked into my bed. By this point he's been hearing about how sick he is for a few hours and he has decided to play the part. He requested movies in my room and he got it.

He was back at school on Tuesday so I got ready for a couple sleepovers on Wednesday night for all of us at my parents house and then the boys were off to their other grandparents house on Thursday night so I could go shopping.

I packed a lot more meds than I had planned, and wrote out a lot of instructions but we were all packed.

Wednesday I had a meeting with Nathan's teacher (who confirmed that he is doing great) and then I went to get the boys and go to the pediatrician. While we were there she was delighted with how great Nathan sounded and then sent us on our way. From there we went to my parents house for prep-party (when we make food for Thanksgiving) and a sleep over.

Thursday was freezing so I needed to bundle up both boys for the Turkey Trot. Trevor was running with Nat, Eddy and I from the regular starting line and Nathan was going to join us very near the end with Eeaa (if you talk to him he will tell you that he started at the penumonia starting line). Trevor cried and wanted to be carried a lot because he was so cold. I'm not sure Nathan's feet ever touched the pavement but at least they both crossed the finish line and got a medal - they both think they won. Then we stood around and watched the 5K finish. We somehow missed Eeaa and Nat finishing, darn!

Once they were done running we all but ran to the van to drive home, we were ready to be warm! The rest of the day was fun but uneventful, neither boy ate dinner with us. Trevor was full of appetizers and Nathan just didn't want to eat because Trevor wasn't eating. Then we hung around and had fun with cousins for a while. Then the B'ville family left to drive home and the boys left to go to their other grandparents house, so I got ready to go shopping.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, we sure did!