Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Slow day

Not much to report today. Nathan and Trevor had a great day just sitting at home playing. I was hoping we would be able to go outside to play again but it was way too windy outside for Nathan so we had to stay inside. Max, Hannah and Aunt Lisa did come over for dinner tonight so at least the boys got to play with their cousins tonight. It was cute to see Hannah with Trevor, they love to poke at each other.

Trevor is eating more and more each day. He amazes me, he will eat absolutley anything. He even loves all his fruits and vegetables, I wish the same were true of me. Nathan still has no interest in eating. I'm working on trying to find coconut milk yogurt, or something that is COMPLETLEY dairy free. I want a yogurt-like snack for Nathan to eat for school, it can't have any milk protein in it.

We are waiting for the local GI doctor to call us about an appointment for next week. The Dr. had said he wants to see us early next week at the latest, the nurse there acted like 2 weeks from now is the same thing. I'm starting to think we should see him now and then take him to our regular GI doctor who we trust and see what he thinks.

I picked up picturs of the boys today. We got them taken a while ago but we just picked them up since we were away and then Nathan was in the hospital. I'm going to ask my mom to scan them and then I can upload them so everyone can see them. They're really cute, I love dressing the boys the same.

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