Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here we are

Well, it's happened again. I'm beginning to think this is Nathan's way to of telling me he doesn't enjoy beach vacations. Let me back up a little...

About a month ago Nathan got really sick, vomiting and diarrhea and lost a few pounds very quickly. For you and I that might not be so bad but for NPW it wasn't good and we went to the hospital. One night they simply rehydrated him and sent us back all, we were all sure I could handle it at home. A couple nights later they admitted him sure that I could no longer handle it at home as evidenced by his continued weight loss. I agreed that it was beyond me and we needed help. They, being the doctors, said he had C. Diff - an especially nasty bacteria that causes awful diarrhea in kids so they put him on Flagyl told us to keep him out of school for a few days and sent us home.

Thank god he was finally home and mostly back to himself. He was acting OK, still not up to par, but better than he had been in a couple weeks. He went back to school and Nurse Mary and his teacher said the same thing, he was still acting tired and was still having some diarrhea. So we took him to his pediatrician who gave us a few different things and were sent on our way. Thank god he was going to be OK, we were leaving for a 2 week vacation soon.

Then we left for vacation and Nathan was great. God into the car the morning we left and signed "TV on please, lightening movie" he was ready for the drive and so were we. Both boys were perfect in the car, I really mean it - Trevor never cried and Nathan just watched movies. We had a fun first day in Myrtle Beach, the second day was OK but all the adults got food poisoining. By the time we were all better Nathan's diarrhea was back full force.

He just wanted to lay in bed all day and do nothing. He didn't even want the TV on, he just wanted to lay silently in his room and sleep all day. By the time all is said and done he's lost almost 10lbs in just about a month. That's 1/3 of his total weight. He is like a skeleton, we can see every bone in his body. He has no energy for anything since he's so thin.

We left Myrtle Beach early to bring him home to the hospital. We drove 14 hours just for Albany Med, never knew I liked this hospital so much. Here we are, waiting to be admitted. The doctors agree, this might not be just C. Diff but they have no idea. It could be a complication from the C. Diff or it could just be an annoying case of C. Diff that just needs a 3rd course of antibiotics. Either way we're in for a few days and hopefully some more GI testing to rule out some other things to make sure this isn't something else.

Hopefully he gains weight. He doesn't have much weight left to lose.

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  1. Eeks Laura! I'm keeping you guys in my thoughts!