Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Update 2

Nathan was finally taken into the OR around 11:30, only an hour late isn't really all that bad. I was able to go right into the OR with him and hold him while he was put under anesthesia. He was given gas that made him go right to sleep.

After that Matt and I went and checked in with the liason and then went to lunch. We got back from the cafeteria and the liason came and found us, the general surgeon was coming to talk to us. When he came out he said they had "hit a little speedbump" and were unable to place an IV. Neither Matt or I were suprised by that, he's a really hard stick. So they just needed us to sign a consent for a central line. That was around 12:30, so in the next hour we should start getting updates each hour.

Now we just wait.

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