Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Post-Op Day 6

Last night was a tough one for Nathan. His nurse struggled to stay ahead of his pain and movement all night. The problem was that he needed an increase in all his doses of medications, he had gotten used to the old doses, and by the time we realized that and got the order for the new doses the pain was ahead of us and we had to really work to catch up with it.

His nurse ended up putting him in restraints because he was moving so much and she didn't want him to go for hte breathing tube and self-extubate, that would be very bad. Every time he did move he seemed to be wiping his eyes though which makes me think the morphine is making him itchy and he wants to scratch (morphine also makes me itchy).

Again in the early morining right after an x-ray he was moving around too much again. So again his doses were increased. That means that when they were increased at the beginning of the night the doses weren't increased enough. So for right now he's doing OK. ORL was just in here and talked again about decreasing his sedation, I told them no. For Nathan he seems to be either asleep or moving way to much - no middle ground. The doctor just keeps saying that wiggly is good, but not too wiggly. I don't think he understands what wiggly in Nathan looks like these days.

Later today we should get a time for tomorrow. The current ORL doctor said that he thinks it will be earlier in the day since it's a smaller procedure, Dr.N tends to save his bigger things for later in the day  So hopefully we won't have to wait around all day tomorrow.

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