Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Of Course

Just thought I'd let you all know that we are leaving for Cape Cod tomorrow morning, so of course that means Nathan now has a fever and says he doesn't feel good. His trach still isn't producing green mucous but I'm bure that isn't far off considering the amount of stuff coming out. Of course he gets sick before we leave for vacation, he'd hate to go away and feel good.

In good news he's now a talking maniac. He can say so many words I can't believe it. Mostly when he speaks a work he will say the vowel sounds for the word, for instance Lisa has become "eeuuhh" but he can say some other consonant sounds, he now calls Grame "mee mee" so she's changed her name to MiMi to acomodate his speach. Sign is still his easier form of communication and when he is speaking a word I don't understand I'll ask him to sign it, and he still signs 98% of the time, but he is saying more now than he was a week ago and that's amazing!

Trevor has decided he's ready to walk. Yesterday Lisa dropped the boys off at my house and stayed so she could watch them while I worked. So we were all hanging out in the living room, Lisa was supervising the boys I was getting ready to throw my phone out the window from frustration and then Trevor just walked across the living room as if he's been doing it forever. Then he turned around and walked back to me, then laughed hysterically.

OK, I'll post pictures once we're back. No internet access while we are there!


  1. Oh Laura, I hope that Nathan feels better while you're on vacation. It's not much of a vacation when a family member is sick.

    So excited about the talking (Nathan) and the walking (Trevor). What amazing boys you have. :-)

  2. I hope that you guys had a wonderful vacation and saw so many whales! Praying that Nathan is feeling better. I know isn't that awesome, Nathan was talking up a storm, especially the last 2 weeks he was at school before vacation. I think that you will love the CD Amy put together/slideshow of all the kids for graduation. So many great pictures! It came out so cute. He is going to get a kick out of seeing himself and his friends on slideshow. Every time I see Lightening McQueen, I think of him. :) WOW, Trevor walking! Awesome! Can't wait to see pictures. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. ;) Jen