Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Update 1

I meant to update yesterday but wasn't able to figure out how to update from my phone and we didn't have internet at the hotel. Nathan is doing great, he keeps saying he wants to go home though. He hasn't seemed nervous at all, but we aren't doing anything yet. We are at the hospital and waiting to go to the pre-op clinic. We have to be there by 9 for a 10:30 surgery time. Hopefully that doesn't get pushed back but we are now operating on doctor time and that's never the same as regular people time.

I'll update again once he actually goes into the OR. I am going to go into the OR with him, it makes it less scary for him if a parent goes. So I will go in and be with him until he goes to sleep.

Say a prayer for us, we sure can use them today.

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