Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Sunday, August 14, 2011


We have spent the last two days at my Aunt and Uncles house on Crooked Lake. Nathan loves to go out there to see all our california cousins and go fishing with Aunt Susie. This year while they were visiting my cousin had a lot of his friends visiting as well. They are all in their early 20's, not married with no kids. I didn't think they would be at all interested in the boys and sort of assumed the boys would be an annoyance to them - I remember being that age.

So we got to the lake and were introduced to the people we didn't know (we had met some of them before) and then Nathan wanted to go fishing. Trevor however wanted to stay on the deck and eat, he does love to eat. Trevor and Nathan both had a great time and warmed up to all the new people quickly. I was also very suprised at how all the other people there were with the boys - they were all amazing.

At one point Nathan decided he wanted to play baseball with the other "big boys" so I asked my cousin if he would mind letting Nathan have a turn (they were plaiyng a real game and I didn't want Nathan to be in the way) but he didn't mind. They gave nathan the bat and let him have a turn. He hit the ball and then ran all the bases, all while the others were throwing it around "trying" to get him out. He had a great time running and got a home run (imagine how suprised I was). The whole way home, the part he was awake for, he talked about how he ran fast and won!

Then today we went back to the lake and everyone was again great with the boys. They included them in what they were doing and Trevor loved all the attention. I was just suprised that a group of young adults would be so good with the kids. It was very nice to see Nathan have so much fun with everyone. He was so sad when we had to leave, but Trevor's fever is back so we needed to get him home at a reasonable time.

I got a call today from the Cape Cod hospial, Trevor has a UTI, that is why his fever is so high. I am going to call the pediatrician tomorrow and get a prescription for an antibiotic. Hopefully that will help him feel better for good. He is starting to get sick again. His fever retunred today and he was cranky all day. I'm ready for him to be healthy again.

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