Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Post-Op Day 5

Nathan had an OK night last night, and his nurse was the reason it wasn't good.

For a while last night his BP was a little elevated, nothing bad but just above where it usually is. The problem is that Nathan loves to sleep. He loves to lay in his bed and be cozy with his blanket. He likes quiet when he sleeps, not silence but no talking and disruptions. He likes the alone time.

The nurse last night was obnoxious and loud all night long. Every 2 hours the nurse (all the nurses) come in to do care, they reposition him, change his diaper and suction his breathing tube out. Each time his nurse last night did that she turned on all the overhead lights and talked to the respiratory therapist about her personal life. I swear she was saving all her talking for while she was in our room. For example, I know she is from Chicago and left her boyfriend there to become a traveling nurse and it was hard to tell him but he understood that it's what she wanted to do. He does get upset each time she takes a new assignment but they make it work and visit each other at least every 2 months. Now, I didn't ask her a single question, I learned all that from just trying to sleep.

So I asked Nathan this morning if he was tired, yes he is tired. Did he get sleep last night, no he did not get sleep. Did he want Mommy to stop talking to him so he could get sleep, yes he did. So I know his BP was elevated because he was annoyed that he wasn't getting sleep and wanted to. Heck, you could have checked my BP last night and it would have been elevated.

Needless to say I talked to the nurse, she cried to her friends, and I talked to the charge nurse and we will have a different nurse tonight.

I talked to ORL and they are going to decrease his sedation in preparation for Thursday's extubation. They are also going to start steroids to help with any swelling he may have and start another antibiotic just because he's going back to the OR.

He is on the schedule for Thursday but we won't know what time until Wednesday afternoon. As soon as I do know a time I'll update you all. In the meantime, I'm getting  a lot of my Christmas shopping done!

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  1. Keep at it Laura, as you well, know you are the Best advocate for Nathan.
    Hope you both get some rest today. Lots of hugs to you both.