Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trevor is One

On Saturday we celebrated Trevor's first birthday with a big party for him. We didn't invite all that many people but when we had everyone cramed into our house it seemed like there were tons of people here. We all had a great time, especially Trevor. The house was full of friends and family who all overdid it with the gifts (which I'm still putting away) but we are very grateful to have gotten all those wonderful new toys. Nathan doesn't realize they aren't all for him, he loves them just as much as Trevor does.

Trevor had the best time with his birthday cake. It was a Mickey Mouse party so of course there was a Mickey Mouse cake. I baked the cake and Matt decorated it, it looked amazing. We put the whole cake in front of Trevor and he had a blast! He dug right in as if he's been eating entire cakes his whole life. At one point he even put his mouth down to the cake and bit a piece off - he's such a pro! We did take it away from him once he had some. We didn't want him to overdo it, especially since he'd already thrown up a little from eating too much.

Nathan was Trevor's big helper and helped open all the gifts. Thankfully Trevor is still too little to open anything himself so Nathan had a wonderful time. Trevor wasn't all that interested, he just wanted to crawl around and look for food crumbs on the floor. Trevor got a ton of new toys, one was a drum filled with all different instruments. Nathan took that toy over to Geege who opened it up and formed a band with all the kids, the toy was a hit. Nathan picked the trumpet and tried to play it, he couldn't do it since he doesn't exhale through his mouth. One other little boy 'A' noticed that and handed Nathan a different instrument and gave Nathan that to use. It was so sweet to see A switch with Nathan so that Nathan could also make noise with the band.

One of my fears for Nathan has always been that other kids will alienate him because he's different and for the most part that is true. Most kids won't play with him because he signs and looks different and it's heartbreaking for me. A is the son of great friends of ours and it only a year older than Nathan. He's always been great with him, I love seeing the two of them play. A was the first kid to even ask Nathan to go play with him, I love that kid (and his parents too)!

Now after that sidenote, after all the kids went to bed we played games with the adults. Most people had to leave but some were able to stay and play. It was a great time. It was so nice to talk to other adults and just relax. I feel like getting ready for Nathan's surgery later this summer is very stressful and just having a few hours to play games with my friends was great.

Here is a picture of the aftermath of birthday cake


  1. Happy Birthday Trevor!

    I have loved reading about his first year, and all of the "typical" firsts and babyhood you have experienced with him.

    I also have fears of Tucker being alienated from other kids, which is a reality we deal with. But we are lucky to also have some great friends whose kids are just wonderful with Tucker, it is such a blessing to watch them all play with him.

    Talk to you soon, I hope all of the planning for the surgeries are going well.