Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Home... Finally

On the 8th I had to work and got back to the hospital a little after midnight. I talked to Nathan's nurse about leaving early in the morning. She told me that she needed to talk to the doctor to make sure all his discharge papers were ready to go - she came back in and told me they weren't. The night doctor also wasn't told he was being discharged and nothing was ready. I was exhausted and tired and let it go for the night.

At 6am I woke up to Nathan clapping, it's how he gets our attention instead of whining. I looked at him and he told me his eyes were open and he was awake. So that meant I was awake also. I figured since we were both awake we may as well pack up and leave. In came his nurse and I told her we were ready to leave. Then she tells me the night doctor said we needed to wait for rounds, at noon! There was no way I was waiting for rounds just to be discharged with no answers. So I told his nurse we were just going to leave and started packing. Then I noticed the doctor was sitting right in front of us so I went to talk to her. I said, I know you're not going to discharge us so we're just going to leave but can you at least write us prescriptions so we can still have his meds filled. The doctor told me that she had called the attending at home and was waiting on a call back. Apparently residents are so useless they can't even decide to discharge someone on their own, even when the attending had told us the day before we could leave.

So a little while later Nathan's nurse came in prescriptions and discharge papers in hand. We were home by a little after 7am. It was great to be home, finally. That morning while Trevor was still with Grandma and Grandpa I cleaned the house for Trevor's birthday party. Nathan had a great time playing with all his toys. Then Trevor came home and Nathan was so excited to see him, that faded once Trevor started touching his toys though.

Yesterday was Trevor's first birthday; I can't believe he's one already. In the morning I took Nathan to preschool to visit so he isn't so overwhelmed when he goes back on Monday. Then in the afternoon all 4 of us went to play mini-golf. Nathan loved it, it was so cute to see him having so much fun. The first few holes he would his his ball first and then he'd hit whichever ball he stumbled across first on his way to the hole. Then towards the end of the course he'd put his ball down right next to the hole and start from there. He had a great time, it was a lot of fun to watch.

Then we went to Grame and Geege's house to drop the boys off for their sleepover. Trevor got to eat a cupcake after dinner and he was thrilled. He made a mess of himself and loved every second of it. Nathan got a new ride-on tractor at Grame and Geege's house and drove it around helping to clean up all the little branches that are down from the recent storms.

Today is a lovely day for a picnic, it's cold and rainy outside. We have to move Trevor's party inside but that's no big deal. Hopefully everyone still has a great time and I know there will be tons of great food. I will post pictures in a few days of Trevor's party.

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