Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Makes me think

Today was an overall fun day for us. I had to work in the morning so that part wasn't so great for the boys but their day got better. Once I got home and they got up from their naps the fun began. I fed both boys dinner (Nathan asked for yogurt!!) and then I told them we were going on a suprise adventure. Nathan was so excited.

We were leaving out the back door. First he ran over to me with his backpack, unsure if he needed it or not - he did not. So he ran to the front door to put it back on it's hook and then ran back to me. Then he asked if he needed his sneakers, he did not, sandals would be just fine. So he jumped into the back porch and put them on. Then we were off.

Once we were all strapped into our appropriate seats Trevor sucked his thumb and talked to his feet and Nathan begas asking where we were going. Since I wasn't telling him where we were going he guessed and his guesses made me think. First he guessed the doctor, he was relieved we weren't going there. Then he guessed school - he was also a little relieved it wans't school. It was his third guess that made me a little sad - the hospital. That just shows how much time we spend there, way to much time. He was thrilled when he realized we were going to Hoffmans!Once we got there he had a great time riding all the rides. It wasn't as exciting for Trevor who is still too little to ride anything good. Nathan also asked to go on the carousel but he's to little to go alone and I can't take them both so we had to skip it. He was a little disappointed but was comforted by another ride on the train.

Tomorrow Matt and I are taking Nathan to go see Cars 2 while Grandpa watches Trevor. I can't wait to see how excited he is to see his first movie theater movie!

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  1. Oooh, I hope his first trip to the theater was just awesome. I remember Alyssa's first trip, she was awed by the darkness, scared by how loud it was, fascinated by the seats and cup holders(?) and loved, loved, loved the movie. I hope it was just as much fun for Nathan.

    Yeah, the question about the hospital, that's heartbreaking. Poor guy.