Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Telethon Day

Today was the Children's Hospital telethon, it was on for 11 hours on Fox. It was where Nathan became famous - in his eyes at least. Geege (my Dad) was interviewed and did great! Nathan was quietly sitting there reading his books while Geege talked about how important it is to keep him busy and how hard it's been on our family to see him so sick. He also talked about how all the grandparents and my sister pitch in and take care of Trevor and sit with Nathan when one of us isn't able to. It was great. The little girl next to us has the telethon on her TV and the nurses can see it from the desk where they were sitting. So I was sitting in Nathan's room with him, Grandma and Grandpa when all of the sudden all the nurses and pca's started looking at us; then they told us Nathan was on TV. So we turned it on just in time to see most of the interview. The telethon raised over $2 million dollars, woo hoo!!

Nathan still has his catheter in, he will have that in until tomorrow after his tests are over. He will have an ultrasound and VCUG, we won't know results until sometime on Tuesday. For now Nathan is sick of the catheter - it feels weird and he doesn't like it, he's ready for it to come out.

Today he started pancreatic enzymes. The GI doctor said that it's clear the antibiotic isn't working so we may as well try something else. We will know quickly if they are going to work or not. I really hope they do work, I'm not ready to go back to no ideas on how to fix this. I am hoping to be home by Trevor's birthday at the latest but there are never any guarantees. We just have to wait and see.

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