Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not So Chubby

As you all know I call Trevor Chubby. I call him that because I truly think he is just that, chubby, and I love it. I have nothing to compare him to. Nathan wasn't on the growth charts for YEARS after he was born. He was born in the 50% for weight and quickly fell off them. He didn't get back on the charts until he was almost 3 and he's been slowly climbing ever since. Trevor was always right around the 50%, until today.

We took both boys to the pediatrician, Nathan for a hospital follow-up and Trevor for his 1 year well-baby visit. Nathan is doing wonderful - weighs 27lbs. Trevor isn't doing as great in the weight department. He has only gained 6ozs. since 4 months ago and is an inch longer. The length is fine but he fell from the 50% to not even the 5% mark, a big decrease. I think it's because he LOVES fruits and vegetables and fills up on them at each meal, he eats less of the "fatty" stuff. The doctor agreed, he is probably just filling up on stuff that is good for him but isn't helping with weight gain. He needs to gain weight. We have to take him back in 3 weeks to get him weighed and he needs to have gained some weight by then.

To facilitate weight gain we are giving him pediasure each day. Today was the first day of it and he seemed to like it a little. We are also feeding him as much as he wants. He does love his fruits though and they don't have many calories in them. Too bad he doesn't have a feeding tube, then I could give him whatever we needed to without regard for what he would like (just kidding, sort of). The doctor isn't worried at all, he doesn't think there is anything wrong with Trevor. He just wants him to be as healthy as possible. At 1 year all kids have routine bloodwork done to check their lead level and to check for anemia, we have to wait a while. The doctor wants to wait until we go back to see him to get the bloodwork done. If Trevor hasn't gained any weight he is going to order some more bloodwork so if we wait he will only get stuck once.

I always thought Trevor was chubby and compared to what Nathan was like at the same age, he is. Nathan was so so so little at the same age. I guess Trevor should just be more chubby than he already is. Since he is still so little we have to keep him backwards for a while longer in his carseat which is really no big deal. The only reason I want to turn around his carseat is for a weird reason. Nathan's seat is behind the driver and Trevor's is behind the passenger. Since Trevor is backwards the passenger seat has to be very far forward and straight up, not so comfortable. He doesn't fit behind the driver since Matt wouldn't be able to ever drive the car. Nathan signs and it's impossible to see him when you are driving. I want to be able to talk to him while we are alone in the car but I can't see what he's saying to me. Once we can turn Trevor around Nathan can sit behind the passenger and Trevor can sit behind the driver. Then I will be able to see Nathan and talk to him when we're alone in the car.

OK, I hear the dryer beeping at me. Where does all the laundry come from? I swear people are droping it off at my house, there is no way 4 people can make this much laundry.

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  1. Wow! For what its worth, Micah is 16 months and still hasn't gained enough in height or weight to face forward. He weighs the same today + maybe 8oz as he did at his 9 month appointment! He's 19lbs 4oz.

    Small fries unite! :D