Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Going Home

Well, things are status quo around here. Nathan still has diarrhea and the doctors still have no idea why. They took a stool sample the other day to test it, and it came back positive for C. Diff - just a yucky bacteria that makes the hospital put him on contact precautions so he can't even leave his room so he doesn't give it to other people. Needless to say that when I got here today I was upset. He's been here for 3 weeks, the last thing they need to do is restrict him to his room.

So when the doctors all came in I told them time was up. They aren't making him better they are only making him worse. He is no better now than he was when we were first admitted. The diarrhea is the same, everything is the same. They've done 3 weeks worth of tests and got no answers. It's time to stop and admit defeat. The doctor agreed. We are going home tomorrow.

We have an appointment with our GI doctor in Boston for August, we have an appointment with our pediatrician on Tuesday - both boys have appointments that day. Nathan for a weight check and Trevor for his 1 year well baby visit.

So tomorrow morning we get to leave. Then we can start getting excited and ready for Trevor's party. I am so glad he's coming home. I am so sick of the hospital. Today I left for work from the hospital and then came back here once I was done. I want to go home, sleep in my own bed, take a shower without shoes on. I just want to be home. Nathan likes the attention he gets in the hospital. He likes that most people come to see him every day. Today he was thrilled to pieces to see Rob, who is a friend of my mom's friend Vicki. Rob just stood in the window and waved and Nathan was thrilled to see him - he waved back. Nathan has been in the hospital so much he's starting to like it. And I don't like that. We need to be back home. Tomorrow night, for the first time in a VERY VERY long time, we will be. All 4 of us will be under one roof - except when Matt is working of course.

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