Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Saturday, June 4, 2011


We got the results, there is no fistula. I have never been so upset at good news. I'm glad he doesn't have the fistula and need a big surgery, I'm upset because that means we still don't know what is causing his diarrhea.

We had a consult with albany peds GI, he had a few suggestions to offer. He suggested the diarrhea might be caused by a severe bacterial overgrowth - I disagree but am willing to give that theory a go. Nathan is now on antibiotics, they don't seem to be helping. We're going to give them through the end of the weekend to work then on Monday we'll try out a new theory. Monday we will add in pancreatic enzymes and see how that goes. At this point I think anything is worth a try. He's been so sick for so long we'll do anything to make him better.

In kidney news the urologist is a little concerned with how his kidney looked in the last ultrasound. I guess it looked like there was "tissue" in his kidney, it could be the beginning of a stone or it could be a severe fungal or yeast infection. They placed a catheter today and are going to leave it in for 48 hours. After that they are going to do an ultrasound to look at his kidney to see how it looks. Then the urologist is going to do a VCUG, for that they put dye into his kidney through the catheter and see what happens. We are hoping all goes well. The urologist is always very careful with Nathan and takes all changes seriously because he only has one kidney and we need to do everything we can to protect it. His kidney function blood tests have been fine so he isn't all that worried.

I've made sure all the doctors know that we need to be home by Friday. We have to be home because Trevor has a big birthay coming up - he will be 1 on Friday. I can't believe a year ago I was still pregnant. Still getting used to thinking about the way things would be with two kids, little did I know it would be NOTHING like I had imagined.

I would like to thank my Mommy who took me out for a nice day today. We went shopping for Mickey Mouse stuff for Trevor's party and then went to get ice cream and pedicures. It was a wonderful break from the hospital for me. She is also staying at the hospital for me tonight so that I can get up early tomorrow to go to work. After I get out of work it will be back to the hospital for me.

Make sure you all watch the Children's Hospital telethon tomorrow, Nathan will be on it. They will be filming from the hospital and they already taped Nathan once - he was reading a book with Grandpa. Tune in and you just might see him, and see how cute he really is.

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