Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Friday, May 27, 2011


I feel like sometimes I don't mention Trevor in this blog as much as I probably should. So I'm going to devote one entire post just to him.

Trevor is huge, his nickname is Chubby. Sometimes when I'm trying to get him to smile at me I sing "Chbby, Chubby, Choo Choo" and he loves it. Last night we went to Aunt Sue and Uncle Chris' camp on Crooked Lake with my mom and sister. Trevor hasn't seen the california relatives since last summer and he's not at an age where he remembers people yet so they had to win him over. Aunt Sue did it with food, a banana. Trevor loved her once he realized he could get food from her, he loved sharing a banana with her. Then Uncle Chris came in and Trevor went right up to him. We walked down to the water and Trevor took his first dip in Crooked Lake with Aunt Susie! He loved the water, I was a little suprised, but he sat right down in the water and tried to catch everything that was floating. Then he tried to eat the sand, I'm sure he'll eat a ton of it this summer!

Then we went down to see Aunt Jean so the boat could get put into the lake at her house. Trevor had a great time wiggling all around trying to get free from our arms so he could crawl around the deck and eat everything on it - bugs included.

Then it was off to the Towne Tavern for dinner. By the time we got there it was about 8, his usual bedtime, so I was a little nervous that he would have a meltdown about being tired but I was wrong. Worrying was useless since he was perfect. First Grame held him while he ate crackers, then Uncle Chris held him and he ate more crackers, then Aunt Sue held him and he ate some salad (carrots and dressing). After that our dinner came and he had a grilled cheese sandwich. By that time it was after 9 and we were on our way home.

He was changed into pajamas before we got into the car in case he fell asleep, but he didn't fall asleep. He talked the whole way home. Then he was so excited to sleep in his own crib he couldn't contain himself. He stood up in his crib and was bouncing! He was tired though and slept until 9 this morning. Now he's back with Grandma and Grandpa and I'm sure he's thrilled.

Well I guess I do have to mention Nathan. He's doing fine while we're still just waiting to hear from Boston. Hopefully we'll hear by Monday.

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