Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Still Waiting

I feel like I'm in an airplane circling the airport, not allowed to land. So close to where I want to be but things aren't lined up correctly and it just isn't happening yet.

We are still at Albany Med waiting for Boston to happen. It's still going to be a few days. Nathan's surgeon has his records and all his studies from the last few days, she hasn't had time to review them yet. She is the attending on service this week in Boston so she's been really busy. She's going to call as soon as she has a chance to review them.

Nathan is on continuous (16 hours a day) feeds - I can tell he's in pain whenever he eats and for a while after he's done. I hate it, I feel like I"m torturing him but he needs to be in a good place nutritionally so that when his surgeon says she can do the surgery he's ready for it.

We are going to be at Albany Med until at least next week. We have no plan as of right now. We're still waiting, and I'm not very patient.

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