Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hopefully Soon

Nathan has been doing really well these last couple days. The doctors realized that he does have dumping syndrome which is why his blood sugar was droping. He just wasn't able to tolerate the bolus feeds (when he gets all his food at once) of formula. He can tolerate bolus feeds of blended diet because that food is thicker and takes longer to move through his system.

The kitchen at the hospital tried to make his blended diet but it was a complete disaster and we didn't even try to feed it to him. So the doctors decided to try putting corn starch into bolus formula feeds, the corn starch it supposed to help stabilize his blood sugar but it didn't work. Then they tried oil and that seems to be working but he only got 1 feed with that. Hopefully tomorrow his blood sugar holds steady and he will be able to come home soon.

Right now, Daddy is at the hospital with Nathan since I needed a break. A week in the hospital was my limit so Matt went out to stay with Nathan. When Matt got there we told him that Daddy was going to stay with him and Mommy was going to go home and stay with Trevor. He cried and said that Daddy couldn't sleep in Mommy's bed! Matt said he stopped crying as soon as I left though.

Trevor is back at home with me. He was so excited to come home today and chase the cats around the house. I think Toggle missed him because he let himself get caught a few times. Dar (a good friend of my mom's) brought dinner and wine!! over for Lisa and I tonight. It was REALLY good and it was nice to have a home cooked meal after eating in the hospital for so long.

Tomorrow Daddy has to come back home to work and Mommy has to work also so Grame is going to go to the hospital to stay with Nathan for us for a couple nights. Hopefully Nathan will be able to go home either Friday night or sometime on Saturday. Nathan is pretty excited to have Grame stay with him this weekend.

We're busy getting ready for the March for Babies. Today I cleaned the front porch in case the weather is bad and we need to be inside, so people will have somewhere to go. Hopefully it's nice out and we have a good turnout for the team. Everyone is welcome to come walk with us, Nursery 5. The walk is at 10am (registration is at 9am) and we are having a BBQ at our house after the walk for our whole team. Hope to see you all there.

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