Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Home Again

Nathan came home on Saturday, the day before Mother's Day. It was great to have him home for Mother's Day. Grame spent the night with Nathan on Friday night so that both Matt and I could work. Then she brought him home on Saturday afternoon.

Nathan is doing better but he still isn't great. He is still having diarrhea, the doctor said that will probably last for a while. He is also still getting his energy back. He's been so sick for so long and has been just laying in bed for so long that he has no energy anymore. He is still working to get his energy back. It takes a lot out of him to play all day!

Mother's Day was nice but Nathan still wasn't feeling great. Matt went to see his mom in the morning while both boys tooks naps. Then we all went to the park and played for a little while then went to Hoffman's and rode the train. Then Matt had to work so my parents and sister came over and we all had dinner. It was a nice day, perfect for Nathan who is still sleeping a lot.

Today Nathan went back to school. It was cute to see him walk in, he was like a celebrity. The teacher from the other class (Mr.D) was standing at the door and his class was around him when Nathan walked in. The kids were all giving him high-fives and hugs, telling him they were so happy to see him again. It was sweet. Then when the other boys from his class got there they all told him they were happy to see him. Nathan was nervous to go back to school but I think he relaxed a little when he saw how happy everyone was to see him.

Trevor is doing great. He is a mad man with crawling, I can't believe how fast he goes. He is into everything and then puts everything into his mouth. It's so weird to have him do that since Nathan never did anything like that. It's funny to watch him eat, he shovels as much food into his mouth as possible and does is as fast as possible. I'm sure that is how all kids eat but Trevor is our first baby who eats by mouth so I think everything is cute. He then drinks until his mouth is so full he has to let some of the formula drool out of his mouth. Needless to say he's a disaster after he eats.

On Sunday morning I went in and got Nathan up first then he ran right into Trevor's room, opened the door himself, went over to the crib, stood on the bottom rail of the crib so he could reach Trevor and rubbed his head. He was so excited to see his little brother again - it was adorable.

I hope everyone else had a great Mother's Day. We are gearing up for the March for Babies this weekend. It's on Sunday at The Crossings, starts at 10am registration is at 9am. Then we are having a BBQ at our house after the walk for our whole team. Hope to see you all there!

Just a couple pictures of the boys that we had taken before we left for Myrtle Beach. Grame scanned them for us, thanks Grame!

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