Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Sunday, May 15, 2011

March for Babies

Today was our March for Babies and boy was it wet! When we first got there the rain wasn't all that bad, but it slowly got worse. By the time my mom arrived with both boys it was pouring out. We put Trevor in the stroller with a rain cover and Nathan was in a different stroller with his Lightening McQueen unbrella over him. Both boys managed to stay dry but it was wet for the rest of us.

We had a couple umbrella failures before we even started, but since everyone on the team came with more umbrellas than people we were able to switch out the bad umbrellas with better ones and we mostly stayed dry with the exception of the bottom of pants and shoes! Overall it was a wet walk but we managed to have a good time.

The BBQ at our house after was also very nice. We had a great time with everyone. Both boys were exhausted by the end of the day and went to bed early. I think Trevor ate more food than I did. It was cute to see him eat cake, frosting first and then shoved the entire piece of cake into his mouth all at once. I can't wait to see him on his birthday with his Mickey Mouse cake.

Nathan is slowly, very slowly, getting better. He is gaining more energy each day and I can tell his stamina is getting better each day. His diarrhea is also slowly getting better. He has a weight check tomorrow at the Dr. so hopefully the pediatrician will be happy with how he's doing so far.

I talked to the ORL Dr. (the trach doctor) and Nathan's decannulation is scheduled for the 25th of August. That is the earliest the surgeon could get as much OR time as he will need for the surgery; it's going to be a long one. We are going to go out to Boston on the 24th for a pre-op appointment and then go to the hospital on the 25th for surgery. We are all going to stay in the hotel on the night of the 24th and then just Matt and I will stay in the hotel on the 25th after surgery. Nathan will be in ICU for about a week, he will be VERY sedated, probably paralyzed so he doesn't risk moving and injuring/damaging the surgical site. It's going to be a big surgery and there is no guarantee that it's going to work. I'll get into more details later. For now I'm going to close by posting a couple pictures from the walk today.

Before the walk

After the walk

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