Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Friday, November 4, 2011

Home Again

The day after my last post Nathan was able to come home. Matt came out to Boston to visit us and was able to drive us home that evening. Since we didn't have clothes for Nathan we took him home wearing a hospital gown wrapped in a blanket and Daddy's coat. He has been doing good since he's been home. We go back to the hospital twice next week, Tuesday for a swallow study and then Thursday for an airway evaluation. Thursday he will stay overnight and then come home Friday.

The boys have both been doing great. Halloween was just a couple days ago and they were both very cute. Nathan was a firefighter and Trevor was a cow. Nathan had preschool and they had a parade and a party that we were able to go to along with all his grandparents. Nathan loved having all of us there and showing everyone his things at school. Trevor loved eating all the party food. Then later in the day we took the boy's to Grandma and Grandpa's house to meet us with cousins and go trick-or-treating together. Nathan had a good time with the other kids. One house gave out trucks and that was great for a kid who doesn't eat by mouth.

Today was Nathan's first school picture day at school. We got him a haircut yesterday and a new shirt to wear. Matt got up with him today and did his hair for him, hopefully he smiles rather than cries. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Trevor has been going to the daycare at the gym each day with me. He is only there about 30 minutes while I get some exercise but he cries the whole time. He started out sobbing with real tears but now he's down to whining and wimpering with no tears. I think maybe in the next couple weeks he will learn to love going there and playing with all the toys.

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