Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Angry Rant

Here are some differences in my two kids

1. Nathan would go the rest of his life without food; Trevor couldn't imagine going 10 minutes without

2. Nathan loves to run fast; Trevor loves to play peek-a-boo

3. Nathan goes to school; Trevor plays and eats all day

4. Nathan knows the path we take to get to the hospital, the doctor and every medical building in the capital region; Trevor doesn't

5. Nathan knows pain and true fear; Trevor doesn't

I know that Nathan has been through a lot, you never need to remind me of that, I will never forget all the hours I've spent at Nathan's bedside. I know Nathan's health problems can seem intimidating to most adults, but he's just a little boy who wants to be loved by his family and liked by his friends. He  wants nothing more than someone to play trains with him, read books with, and play silly games with. He is NO different than any other child so please don't treat him like he is.

I hate when I see one person treating my two children different. I hate that Nathan is treated badly because of health problems that he has no control over. If you want to treat someone badly treat his former surgeon badly, he caused most of his current problems and I have no problem with that.

With all that being said I have made a decision, I will no longer sit idly by and watch. From now on I will bring to your attention how poorly you are treating Nathan. I will give you one and only one chance to correct your behavior and then we will move on, with the offender no longer a part of our life. I simply can't allow Nathan to be treated badly anymore. This is true even if he doesn't seem to notice how he is being treated. Also, most people do not treat Nathan any differently than Trevor. There are just a few people who can't seem to treat him the way they would want themselves or their children to be treated.

Thank you for listening to my rant. Back to regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Oh Laura. It's so, so frustrating to see people treat the child you love, the child you know just wants to be a kid, differently because of something he can't control. I'm glad you wrote this down, glad you got it out. I hope it actually gets to the people who are hurting you and Nathan. After all your family has been through, you deserve nothing more than to love and be loved.