Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Moving Floors

Well last night was a very long night for me. Nathan's next door neighbor (they are seperated by only a curtain) just had surgery and was up all night screaming in pain. I felt badly for his mom who kept trying to quiet him down but he was just so upset all night. Nathan slept right through him but I was up all night. Then the kid two curtains down stopped breathing (I think) and they called a staff assist, at 2am - it sounded like a heard of elephants running to his room. He is fine now, but I was just up all night. Nathan did great and slept through it all, my perfect little NICU baby.

I talked with ORL this morning and they have started to wean him off his oxygen and he went from 70% to 35% so he's almost back on room air - 21%. He is doing much better today, it seems to have really helped him to have his lungs suctioned out yesterday and have his vocal cords dilated. ORL said he should be able to go home in a few days. Then the ICU doctors said they might send him to a regular floor later today. So overall he seems to be over the hump and doing much, much better.

This morning I was rubbing Nathan's head and he told me to leave him alone. Then he told me to go lay down in my bed, so I did. Twenty minutes later he told me to come sit next to him until his EeeeAaaaa gets here (my sister Lisa). So now I'm just sitting next to him reassuring him every 20 minutes that she is on her way and will be here soon.

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