Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all are having as wonderful a day as we are. I know sometimes this blog can be a real downer, so I decided that today I would post a list of things I am thankful for.

I am thankful for my health. Not everyone is lucky enough to be healthy and we all need to appreciate it more.

I am thankful for my job. It provides us with a second income and gives us enough financial support to be able to do most of the things we want to do with the boys.

I am thankful for our health insurance. I know that sounds a little funny but I really am. Having a child with multiple medical issues, we'd be DEEEP DEEP in debt if it weren't for our great insurance. So I'm thankful for it.

I am thankful for our home. Not everyone is able to afford their own home and I need to appreciate it more that we are able to own our home.

I am thankful for my new van, Vannie as Nathan calls it. I just love my van (never thought I'd love a minivan so much) and am super happy with it.

I am thankful for my family, the family who are an active part of our lives. Nathan's health has been extremley stressful on all the relationships within our family and I've learned a lot since he was born. The most important lesson I learned was that family is more important than anything else and you only get one. Our family has been so, so supportive with everything we have been through. I'm not sure we would have made it through Nathan's first year without our family.

I am thankful for my husband. Although I may complain about him more than I should he really is a wonderful husband. He goes out of his way to do nice things for both me and our boys. He is the best Daddy I could have ever wanted for our boys and we are all lucky to have him, even if he can't seem to remember to switch the laundry.

I am thankful for my children. I am thankful that I get the opportunity to watch them BOTH grow up and live their lives. There were times when I didn't think Nathan would ever see his first birthday but he did. I have too many friends that lost the opportunity to see their children grow up. They have taught me to be thankful for my children. Those friends would give anything and endure health problemsjust to be able to hug their child again, give them one more kiss or hug. It's those friends who taught me to be grateful for what I have, not yearn for what I don't.

There are zillions of other things I'm thankful for today, those are just the major ones. So today I encourage you all to be thankful for what you have, and hugs your kids just a little tighter.

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