Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Monday, October 3, 2011

The bus and other things

Things in the Webster house have been relatively easy lately. I'll start with Trevor.

Trevor has been doing great. Ever since he turned 1 in June we've been going to the pediatrician each month for a weight check, he wasn't growing the way he was supposed to. He fell off the growth charts and the doctor was worried. Well, in September he got his little self back on the charts and we no longer have to go each month. He was in the 10th percentile (almost) for weight and back to the 50th for height. He is an eating machine and will eat all day, everday. He loves food, so how he ever stopped gaining weight is beyond me. He walks all over and if anyone ever leaves the gate open he loves to go upstairs and giggles when he gets there. Trevor wants to play with whatever toy Nathan is currently playing with and has started taking the toy once Nathan turns his back, sneaky little guy. He likes to clap and dance to music, baby has some moves! Trevor has a cold right now, but other than that he's been great.

Nathan has been doing great. He loves to take the bus to school even though it's a van on the way to school. He does get to take an actual bus on the way home and he LOVES that. He has a nice bus driver and he turns music on for Nathan and he dances around in his seat. Nathan seems to be up a little more at night than I would like, he's coughing a lot. He does seem to be getting better with that so I think we're getting that under control. He has started telling us "I'd like to take a nap please" when he gets home from school. He does love to sleep. Tonight we were washing his sheets and Nathan said to us, I'd like to go to bed now and we had to say no because his sheets weren't clean yet! Soon after that though he did get to go to sleep, at 7:45!

I have been working a lot lately and so has Matt. We haven't seen much of one another lately because of differing work schedules but in a couple weeks we are going away for a night just the two of us. Matt has a week of vacation and I'm also taking the week off. I'm going away with the March of Dimes for a few days after Matt and I get back so we won't have much family time but I'm really looking forward to going away with my friends!

This weekend my sister and I are taking the boys to my Aunt's house in B'ville to go to the zoo. Nathan has no idea we are going to the zoo just in case of bad weather, but he does know we're going to our Aunt's house. We are looking forward to our first post-trach trip (that means a lot less packing)!

I'll post zoo pictures once I get back.

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