Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Nathan is out of the OR. The doctor said that he does have pneumonia, there was a ton of puss in his lungs. So the doctor suctioned a lot of it out and sent a culture so they can be sure they are using the correct antibiotic. Also, his vocal cords had shut most of the way. The doctor said that can sometimes happen after the particular surgery he had done so he dilated them back open. The whole OR trip was over within an hour or so.

Right now Nathan is resting not so comfortably, he has only a curtain seperating him from the room next door and a little boy was just admitted who is a screamer. Every time Nathan starts to fall asleep the other little boy wakes him up. Nathan just told me to tell him to be quiet. He just wants to sleep, he keeps telling me he is tired. For now he is doing OK. Still on a lot of oxygen which isn't unusual since he does have pneumonia. We just have to wait a few days for the antibiotics to work and then he should be good as new.

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