Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Friday, September 16, 2011

So Good

The last time I posted I said we were being discharged. Well, we got to come home later that day. Nathan was still being weaned off his narcotics so the pain team tried to keep us until that was over but I refused, there is no reason I can watch for withdrawal symptoms in other people and not in my own child so we were sent home. The doctors told me I couldn't go back to work until he was off all his medications but that wasn't a big deal, I got a couple more weeks off work.

Nathan has been doing wonderful since he got home, it's amazing how good he's doing. Since he came home he has been having a ton of fun playing with Trevor and getting his strength back. He is finally at a place where he has tons of energy throughout the day and is getting restful sleep at night. He's still having some trouble with coughing, he throws up each time he coughs because he has no idea how to cough without throwing up. He is still throwing up a little at night but that is slowly going away also.

Today Nathan and I went to preschool to visit and see all his friends. He will start going back to school on Monday but will be taking the bus so I wanted to go with him so he was more comfortable on Monday without me. I also wanted to talk to his teachers and tell them about the changes since his trach was removed. The biggest change is that he can no longer eat, at least until he has a swallow study done to make sure he's safe to eat. When Nathan goes back on Monday he will be taking the bus which is much nicer for us since it's a 45 minute drive each way, that 1 1/2 hour in the car twice a day we no longer have to do! We are not going to miss the drive and Nathan is thrilled to be taking a bus, I just hope it's a real bus and not a van!

Trevor has been walking all over the place all the time. That means he's into everything. The other day Nathan was going to the bathroom and Trevor decided to help, he threw some toys into the potty. I discovered I don't really like picking things out of the potty. Trevor loves to chase the cats around, he thinks they are playing while Snowball is running in fear (no wonder she hates people). Toggle does better and tolerates his "petting" since Trevor will usually lose interest quickly. Trevor loves to play with whatever toy Nathan was last playing with and that drives Nathan crazy. I am trying to teach Nathan to share toys with Trevor but he doesn't like it.

We are also dealing with a mouse infestation. I think a mommy mouse came in and has babies and we are slowly finding all of them. We caught one in the trap, Toggle caught one and Snowball caught three. The problem with the cats catching the mice is that they like them alive, and then they drop them so they can keep playing with them. It's a fun game for them but terrifying for me. Snowball  yesterday had one in her mouth and then dropped it, the mouse ran towards me and I screamed and stood on the arm of the chair. Snowball caught the mouse again and then the cycle repeated a few times before Matt managed to get Snowball and the mouse onto the front porch so he could catch the mouse and get it out of the house.

We are hoping that 5 is the limit and we won't catch any more but I'm still living in fear. Earlier tonight I had Nathan sitting on the dining room table while I stood on a chair and Trevor was in a chair eating dinner, I heard a squeak. In retrospect I think the squeak was a chirp from a bird but it all sounds the same to me ;)

That's all that's going on with us. Tomorrow it's back to our regularly scheduled programming; I go back to work and the boys are going to my parents for a sleepover.

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