Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Sunday, December 4, 2011

All good

I haven't updated in a few days, everything here has been pretty good. Nathan's teacher sends us home a daily report with how he did at school using a star system. He usually gets 3 stars and that is the best you can do so clearly he loves preschool and does wonderful while he is there. Trevor has learned to love going to the gym daycare and each morning he walks over to the shoes and sits down and tries to put his shoes on so we can go. Sometimes he ever does this before he eats. He has even started walking right into the daycare area while I am still checking into the gym, he's come a long way since he first started going there.

Funny story: I went into Nathan's room a few days ago to wake him up for school. I asked him if he had poop in his diaper (he eats all night and usually poops) he said "No I do not" so I started to take his diaper off him and as soon as I opened it he yelled "SUPRISE" and thought he was hysterical. I didn't think it was as great a suprise as he did but it was cute to see how happy he was with himself.

It's cute to see how great the boys are together. They are still learning to share toys and not grab things from one another but I know we'll be working on that for a while. Usually they are great together and play without tears from either one. Nathan loves his little brother and Trevor just wants to do whatever Nathan is doing.

Nathan's pneumonia is mostly gone, to us it still sounds like he has some junk in his lungs but he is acting pretty good. I think we are going to go back to the Dr this week to make sure all is well with his lungs before Christmas comes. We're trying our best to turn 'hospital season' back into just plain old winter.

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  1. I think that turning 'hospital season' into just plain winter is a wonderful goal. I wish you the best of luck in it. I'm so glad both boys (and you, of course :-) are doing well.