Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thank God for Family

Yesterday Nathan wasn't having his best day, he has had pretty bad diarrhea for a few days now. Yesterday it got ahead of us and he was dehydrated. He couldn't keep anything in, not ever water so we brought him to the hospital to get rehydrated.

I realized, yesterday, how lucky we are for our families. They are always willing to drop what they are doing and run to our rescue to take care of Trevor while we are in the hospital with Nathan. I called Matt's mom and she came right over and watched Trevor during the day and then my mom took over and watched him overnight for us. The two of them also have a great relationship so i didn't have to make all the arrangements, I called each mom and then they figured out how it would work between the two of them. They always do that, figure it out and then let me know. They know how very stressful it is for us to be in the hospital so often with Nathan and they do everything they can to make it easier on us. I never worry about who is going to watch Trevor, I know they are always willing to help out. It just makes a stressful situation that much easier.

So not only am I grateful that our parents are so willing to help, I'm glad they are so close and willing to figure things out and not worry me!

Nathan is fine, rehaydrated and home. Now we just have to wait and see how long it lasts.

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