Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So I'm sure msot of you know this but Nathan has been on near constant antibiotics since October, yeah you read that right... OCTOBER. We are all sick of the antibiotics, especially Nathan's intestines since we ran out of probiotics and gave him a different kind for 3 days and he had severe diarrhea that is just now going away (I went to the store and bought the old kind).

There is really no reason for the constant antibiotics other than he has increased mucous in his lungs. The pulmonologist has said that this is beacuse his cough simply isn't strong enough to get the mucous up and out of the bottom of his lungs. He has NEVER had to cough hard enough to get stuff out of the base of his lungs, when he had his trach we would suction it out. So he needs to develop a stronger cough, it's going to take time. In the meantime we are working on getting him a chest percussor that will help to move the mucous around the in the base of his lungs to make it easier to cough up. I am hoping he lets is do it so he can finally come off his antibiotics and stay off them.

Trevor has been doing great. He is a complete monster that is into everything and eats whatever isn't nailed down. He even tasted cat hair the other day, don't worry, he didn't eat it! He has been very happy with the Christmas tree and loves to play with the ornaments, he's still learning that they aren't toys and he can't play with them. Telling him to leave the tree alone is like telling the cats to leave the tree alone.

To add to it all Matt has gotten a new job with Amtrak (yayyyy!) but that means we are going to have to get Cobra insurance for January while he is in insurance limbo, no longer with CP but Amtrak doesn't start until February 1st. To make it all worse Matt is going to be at school in Delaware for about 8 weeks starting in January (boooooo). So things are going to get a little hectic around here for a while but we'll get through it. It's going to be a good change for all of us so that's what I remind myself of everytime I think of the 8 weeks at school.

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful season. We are having a great time with the boys doing christmas crafts and baking together. Tomorrow one of Nathan's friends is going to come over and we are going to teach him how to sprinkle cookies using an entire jar of sprinkles but getting NO sprinkles on the actual cookies - it's a good time!

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