Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Friday, September 2, 2011


Nathan did pretty good today, all things considered. He had a pretty good night but I did have to sleep right next to him in a chair - I assume he's going to have my sleeping here until we go home. Whenever Nathan wakes up he panic's if he can't see me, so the chair it is!

Nathan was able to move around a little today, he sat in the chair (my bed) for a little while so I could change his sheets. He was also able to go for a wagon ride, one lap around the ICU and he was done. Usually he is so happy to see people but this time whenever we walked by people he closed his eyes and pretended to be sleeping so he didn't have to talk, he wasn't feeling social I guess. Then a physical therapist came by and tried to have him stand up, while he did stand up for a second he just wasn't that into in and quickly had a meltdown and went back to bed. Considering how long he was sedated it isn't that suprising that he is so weak, his strength will come back eventually. Also, he's going through withdrawl and it isn't fun. They are weaning him off his morphine and sedatives so he can move to a regular floor, but the withdrawl he's going through is making him shaky, sleepy and irritable. They are trying to control it as best they can but some side effects are bound to happen. Hopefully it doesn't last long.

He also started feeds today, a big step in the right direction. He is now eating 10ml/hour which isn't a lot but it's something. They are going to slowly increase him to get him to full feeds and then increase his rate more to get him back to just eating overnight.

In order for Nathan to be ready for discharge he has to be breathing safely on his own, eating normally for him, and be off his meds. It doens't sound like a lot but it's a lot for him and we are going to be here at least another week. We expect to be in the ICU for a few more days while they wean him off narcotics and then on a regular floor for a few days. We are both ready to go home; when he went back to his room today after the wagon ride he cried - he thought we were going home. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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