Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Sunday, September 4, 2011

So Long SICU

Nathan has been seeing a physical therapist for a couple days, usually he just shows them how good he is at throwing a fit. Today he was in the hall walking around and playing catch - it was at that point that the doctor told us we were too loud for the ICU and were being moved a regular floor soon. A little while later Nathan was moved out of the SICU and up to a regular floor.

Now my pestering the nurses about discharge has begun. I've requested Wednesday because it's a convenient day for me to go home, I have to go home that day anyway. The main thing keeping Nathan in the hospital is his narcotic pain meds he needs to be weaned off, and it could take a while to safely get him off the meds. So the pain team was in earlier and said that if it comes to it we could request a transfer to Albany Med so that he is closer to home while he is still weaning off his pain meds.

We still need to have a swallow study done to see how Nathan does with eating and drinking, but other than that there isn't much he still needs to do here. He is breathing great on his own, he doesn't need very frequent suctioning - I don't think he's been suctioned all day. He is getting some chest PT with each nebulizer treatment but suctioning doesn't usually follow it. He is amazingly good at clearing his secretions on his own.

I am, as are all the doctors, amazed at how good Nathan is doing. He is making huge strides in being able to live outside the hospital without his trach. I can't wait to get him home, and be able to sleep in my own bed!

So for now we are waiting, and enjoying our new private room with a view of the helicopter pad. We are hoping that tomorrow he can come off the monitors so he is free to walk around and sit at the window to watch for any helpcopters.

Now I'm off to walk somewhere to dinner with my mom. She's insitent that we walk, I think I've been indulging in one too many cookies while I've been here. I guess when we are finally back home it's back to weight watchers, Lisa you better be ready for WW.

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