Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Well the bus problem has been resolved. Nathan is now able to take the bus to and from school each day. I had to remind them that sending a safe carseat isn't an unreasonable request, it's just doing their job. The woman at the bus company isn't speaking to me, apparently we're 12 years old, but at least he's safe on his way to school.

Both boys have been sick for a month now. Nathan was in the hospital in January for RSV and then Trevor also got RSV but he avoided the hospital. Then they both started getting fevers but then the fevers would break for a couple days and return. So now we're waiting on urine results. I think since there are no other symptoms it's a UTI in each of them. Nathan has been complaining of belly pain which I think translates into back pain/kidney pain. So if his fever isn't gone by tomorrow and his results still aren't in I'm going to have to bring him to the hospital. I talked with the nurse at his pediatrician office and she agreed, we can't let him go for so long with a fever since he has just one kidney and we need to be careful with it. So for now we just have to wait and see.

Matt was home this weekend, which was nice. The boys really miss him, especially Nathan. Nathan has been having a hard time with Matt being gone so he really loves to be able to spend time with Daddy. It was also nice to be able to not rely so much on my parents and sister for help. With Matt and his parents all being gone my parents and sister are the only ones who can really help me with the kids. I've needed a lot of help lately with them both being sick. What has suprised me is the amount of people who have offered to help with the kids, it's been really nice to see how many people love my boys are willing to help in any way they can. What is even more suprising though is the people who haven't offered to help, the ones I haven't heard from at all since Matt has been gone.

Yesterday I went to Saratoga to help with a spaghetti dinner that was benefitting THON at Penn State. Two of my cousins go there so their parents put together the dinner in support of them and THON. MY cousins both came home for the weekend with a group of their friends, all college students, to help out at the dinner. It was amazing to see. THON raises money for the four diamonds fund - pediatric cancer. When I was in college pediatric cancer wasn't even on my radar and I certainly wasn't staying up for 48 hours to dance to raise money for it. It was amazing to see a group of kids (when did I get so old) who cared so much.

That's all for us for now. We are hoping to hear urine results tomorrow, otherwise I'm afraid it's off to the hospital for us.


  1. Sending healthy wishes you guys way!

    Just read about the bus drama... I'd say acting 12 is giving her way to much credit.. sounds more like a 2 year old. Seriously, how totally lame. Insert ENORMOUS eye roll here!

  2. Go Thon! :)

    You know us, we're all about the dance marathons in our family.

    You and your family could come live with me. The kids might get sick of hearing us cackle but think of how much fun we'd have!!