Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Friday, February 3, 2012

Bus Problems

Nathan takes the bus to preschool, he loves it. He loves when his bus gets here, it makes him feel like a big boy. I love that we don't have to drive 45 minutes each way twice a day just to bring him and pick him up from preschool. I think that has ended.

I got a call the other day from the bus company, Gateway Transportation, that he was getting a new driver in the morning - fine, I couldn't care less. This will be his 4th driver this year alone, they are constantly changing the route and drivers, no big deal. So on Thursday a bus gets here at 8:30, school starts at 8:45 and it's a 45 minute drive from our house.

I walked Nathan out to the bus and saw the "new" car seat he was supposed to sit it, it looked older than me. Usually I ask to see the expiration date but I didn't this time, I probably should have. The straps were all twisted and mangled looking, I let that go also. They sat him in the seat and buckled him in, never tightened the straps. I couldn't let that go. I asked the aide to tighten the straps, she couldn't figure out how. So the driver stepped in and attempted to tighten them, they didn't move. Now please know, I only know about car seats from having been the annoying parent at every local car seat safety check asking a zillion questions while they police and techs are trying to install my car seats. So I told the driver that Nathan couldn't sit in that car seat because he needed the straps to be tighter. The guy lifted the strap up off Nathan and it was probably 2 inches above his shoulder, and acted like that was fine.

So needless to say I drove Nathan to school that day. On the way I tried to call the bus company, the first time I called the woman was ride and defensive, she told me he was a great driver and everyone loved him. Which is wonderful, but that doesn't make him a car seat expert. Then she told me I was being too needy, they knew what they were doing since this was their business. I told her she needed to care a little more about safety and apparently that set her off because she hung up on me. So i called back a couple more times and either they wouldn't answer or they just hung up on me once they heard who I was.

Today I kept Nathan home from school, he was exhausted from being up all night coughing. Good thing since the bus never came. While on my way to the gym I called, they discontinued bus service because I'm too "needy and demanding" I told her I'm not needy, I just want my son to be safe on his way to school. She acted like providing him with a different car seat is going above and beyond what they should have to do, I reminded her it was simply her job. Then I asked her to please understand why I was upset, I had been hung up on to which she replied "I hung up on you three times" like it was a normal thing to do.

I am so frustrated. I called the county and the woman there was equally useless. She told me she inspects their car seats at the beginning of each year and they are always fine, so I should just relax. I think I might take a picture of the next car seat he is provided to show them how awful they are. Ugh

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  1. Oh Laura! This is seriously awful. The fact that the straps couldn't be tightend, the fact that the woman hung up on you, the fact that they discontinued service to Nathan because you're too needy. Whatever! Part of being a parent is making sure our children are safe. I can't believe that they believe you're being needy.

    I hope there is something you can do to make the bus situation continue to work out without you having to compromise on Nathan's safety. I know that's not something you'll do anyway.

    I wish I had some advice. Just stick to your guns. You know what's right for your child.

    Much love to you!