Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And the verdict is....

Tracheitis... that's right, I said it, he's sick. He being Nathan of course. Nathan has been to preschool for 9 days - 45 hours, and he got sick! At least he got sick on a snow day and didn't have to miss any school for his illness. Hopefully his nurses at school will help keep him healthy and realize that he is so used to being sick that it takes a lot to bring him down.

That being said, the day was awful. While I was at the doctors office the receptionist asked me if our insurance had changed, it had not. Then she told me that it was saying that our insurance was no longer valid which means the insurance wouldn't be paying for the visit. GREAT! Just what we need, a bill for a sick visit. Then we had to go to the pharmacy, we got away with *only* 3 prescriptions this illess, and that is only because we still have most of the nebulizer medications from the last time he was sick. Then Matt had to call the insurance company and they had no idea what was wrong... how do they not know. Then Matt asked if our policy numbers had changed at the beginning of the year, well of course they did - but why do we need a new card?!?!! So we got that all figured out, then I had to call Apria and give them all the new information so they would fill our order for medical supplies. Hopefully this innsurance thing doesn't screw that all up and we still get our order in time.

Trevor is doing wonderful and loves himself more than I thought possible. We just got a new toy for him from the attic, it includes a mirror and buttons to push that make the toy sing, Trevor loves it. He smiles at himself, he does his "bobblehead move" in the mirror - he moves hsi head from side to side like a bobblehead. It's adorable and makes me laugh. He thinks his toes are amazing and giggles at them all the time. He also started screeching, which to some may be annoying but after having a baby who made no noise it's a wonderful sound.

I'm anxiously waiting for our ORL appt. in March that will determine when Nathan will have surgery to get his trach out. I am terrified for that surgery, even 13 surgeries later it's something I will never get used to but this will be a good one. 47 more days until our appt. in March, gotta love a countdown!!

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