Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Too close to a year

So I was just setting up my March for Babies page and there was a link where I could add my blog, so I added my blog link. Then in an attempt to see if it worked I clicked on it and was appalled at what I saw, I haven't updated this blog in close to a year! Good grief, it's been way to long. So please excuse me if I have a lot to say.

Nathan is doing great. He will be 6 soon and is in 1st grade. He loves going to school and taking the bus. He likes to play "race" at recess, I have no idea why since he is slower than most other kids. He loves to read and is starting to read some chapter books. I'm not sure how much of them he understands since I don't think he reads them in the correct order but it makes him feel grown up so we go with it. He went to feeding clinic last November and it was a bust. He and I spent a month in New Jersey at a hotel while we went to a day treatment program, he spent his days learning to eat and I spent my days perfecting the art of sitting in a waiting room. He did great while we were there but the clinic had awful follow-up and we had some trouble keeping up with it without the support of the feeding team. Eventually Matt and I decided that spending hours begging and pleading with Nathan to eat wasn't worth it to us and we stopped. He will now eat yogurt, applesauce (a new addition to the food line-up) and pudding. He also likes to drink chocolate milk, I call all of it better than nothing so for me he's doing great.

Trevor is a beast, and I mean that in the best possible way. He is the complete opposite of who Nathan was at that same age. Trevor loves to run around, jump off things and doesn't understand why I won't let him climb the toy cabinet to get whatever toy is on top of it. He is all boy all the time. He calls his forehead his "boo boo" because more often than not he has a bruise or cut on his forehead from the latest tumble he's taken. Trevor loves to go to the bus stop with us in the morning and wave goodbye to Nathan while he goes off to school. Once we get home Trevor takes the back cushions off the couch and gets a blanket so we can do "snuggles" while he eats his breakfast (don't judge me, yes he eats in front of the TV and I love the cuddles I get because of it). He is at a great age right now. He also loves our cats, unfortunately the sentiment isn't returned and he is frequently hissed at. One of the cats swats at him all the time and he thinks the cat is playing a game with him. The other cat likes Trevor but on his own terms, he does let Trevor pick him up though - that's how I know the cat must be desperate for attention.

Matt and I are busy getting the nursery ready for baby girl, please read that as I'm giving orders and Matt is following them in an attempt to keep his pregnant hormonal wife from crying about nothing. We (ha, Matt again) just finished painting the nursery and are using the same furniture we used for Trevor so that will all be set up soon. I recovered the glider we have so it looks cute in a girls room. Now I just need to decorate and make a few more things, who knew one day I'd be able to sew a crib skirt without hesitation?!

OK, that's the update I have for now. Nothing all that exciting has happened lately. Well, unless you know that Nathan hasn't been to the ER in 6 months! I know to most people that's normal but for us it's huge and a cause for celebration. I'm hoping we can make it through this winter and make it 1 full year without hospitalization, thats a pretty ambitious goal but I'm hopeful.

I promise to update more often than yearly from now on.

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