Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 6

Well today is the first day of the second week. He is doing remarkably well, it's amazing. Over the weekend he ate his 4ozs at each meal and didn't fight at all about them. He did gag a lot with each meal but that was more because I was having trouble figuring out how much to put on the spoon and was giving him way to much to eat with each bite in the beginning. Then I was doing too little, it was a disaster on my end.

We also had his 5th birthday party, a pirate party. He loved it and had a great time with all his friends. Many thanks to my wonderful sister who did most of the work for the party. She did most of the party planning and organization because I was out of town - she made the gift bags, ordered the cake, set up the decorations and so on. She also made some wonderful food! Both mom's also helped out with food for the party, I think I was supposed to be getting a hint about my cooking ;) The party was great and all the kids had a great time participating in a pirate treasure hunt complete with burried treasure at the end. It really was buried, under the stuffed animals!

Sunday we were interviewed by a sports reported for the Times Union. It's for an article that will run on Thursday featuring Nathan about his running the Turkey Trot this year, his first year participating in the grade school mile. He was excited to talk to the reported and insisted on telling her all about his day at Kindergarten. I also told her all about his medical history and what the turkey trot means to us. Hopefully it will be a good article. I also emailed her a few pictures of Nathan, thankfully grandpa snuck the pictures that he had taken at the birthday party onto my laptop so I could include one of his party.

I also just found out that Nathan gained 1.25lbs since last Monday! That is amazing, I am so happy with that. He was underweight to begin with so we aren't turning his feeds down just yet, we want him to get to a healthier weight before we turn them down but this is a great start!

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  1. Wow, a 1.25lbs gain is awesome!! I'm so glad that he's doing so well with therapy. And yay for a fun party.

    It's great that you're surrounded by people who care and are willing to step in and help when you need it most.